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Mt. Zion Baptist Church is not only a congregation; it is a cooperation of adherents meeting up to announce the superbness of the Lord, and to observe Jesus as King. Our prayer to God is that you will be honored and reinforced by the love of Jesus Christ, and that you will carry on with an existence of community, delight and freedom. We think about the Word, hone what we learn, and in the process become a community of believers. We would like to welcome you to join us soon at one of our amazing Sunday worship services.

This Week's Message

Sunday, April 14, 2019 Minister Curtis Bryant, Youth Pastor John 12:12-16 ”What Worship Looks Like” What is going on? The Jews were attending a feast which was taking place in Jerusalem and learned that Jesus was also coming to Jerusalem and started waving palm leaves and crying out Hosanna and went out to meet Him. Why were they worshipping? Life had become pretty rough for the Jews. They were oppressed because of evil deeds others were doing to them. They were robbed, their resources were taken from them and they were living in darkness. These conditions are similar to what is going on today. We are also living in dark times. Yet, as the Jews, we must respond to the darkness by worshipping Jesus. They understood that they needed to focus on the Father. The Jews were on their way to a festival and the distraction made it hard to worship. We sometimes find ways to escape from reality. We tend to focus on the “festival” rather than focusing on Jesus. Worship should be focused on Jesus, not who is preaching, singing, or the church you are attending. We may be focusing on someone or something that may not mean us well. We must keep our worship on the one who has power over us. Stop focusing on stupidity and worship our Father. He is worthy. Give Him glory, He loves us. Stop looking and acting like nothing is wrong in our lives and acknowledge that we are in a place for healing and that we need God to work it out. Cry out for help. God will be real in his deliverance. Be real with God. Go to Him with expectations. Worship in Spirit and truth. Be real with yourself and God in your worship. You can’t truly give God glory if you hold back. God’s revelation for life is peace, clarity, resources and understanding of what is happening. Come to Jesus looking for the answer. He already has a plan prepared for us. Worship and acknowledge Him. Send out a spiritual SOS. Praise Him. Lift up your voice and hands. God loves us. Give Him honest and sincere worship.


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We believe the Bible is God’s Word given by divine inspiration, the record of God’s revelation of Himself to humanity.


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