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Mt. Zion Baptist Church is not only a congregation; it is a cooperation of adherents meeting up to announce the superbness of the Lord, and to observe Jesus as King. Our prayer to God is that you will be honored and reinforced by the love of Jesus Christ, and that you will carry on with an existence of community, delight and freedom. We think about the Word, hone what we learn, and in the process become a community of believers. We would like to welcome you to join us soon at one of our amazing Sunday worship services.


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March 10, 2019 Minister Curtis Bryant, Youth Pastor Job 40:1-6 “When God Leaves You Speechless” Job is a special book of the Bible in which we wrestle with the elements we believe and see the beliefs that are God’s. Job was an upright man yet God allowed bad things happen to him. Everything he had, children, money, spouse, and all his possessions were taken from him. He looked for but found no blessing in what was happening to him. The grief was overwhelming but yet he trusted God to bring him through. How do we keep going? Our churches and community are going through so much difficulty and we don’t seem to have answers. We seem to be left speechless by the things that are happening in our lives. We are angry and hurt. We wonder why God isn’t doing something to help us. Does He care, why I'm going through so much difficulty, why hasn’t He taken the pain away? To the person who is struggling God has a message and an assignment to get you through. There are some things we must do in the process. We must be vocal. God is listening. Speak to God. Don’t hold on to grief. Holding on to grief or unpleasant situations are not good for you or those around you. Get it out, don’t let it fester in your spirit. Be vocal. Let God know how you feel. He understands and is concerned. Also don’t grieve by yourself. Seek others who may also be “going through”. Don’t isolate yourself but be available to receive help. The enemy will try to silence you and you may begin to feel depressed. That’s when you must surround yourself with someone to help you get through your season. Make yourself available to those who have been sent by God. God is working in our behalf. After suffering a while He will produce strength in our spirit which will help us through. Things get better as He speaks to us through the storm. He has not forsaken us, be encouraged knowing that no matter how bad the storm it is not bad enough to keep Him from getting to you and restoring you as He restored Job. Don’t be speechless. Talk to God and reap His blessings!


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We believe the Bible is God’s Word given by divine inspiration, the record of God’s revelation of Himself to humanity.


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