Minister Tammie Latimore, First Lady

TammieLatimore2You could no more capture what God has done through the life of Min. Tammie L. Brown Latimore, than you could trap the tornado in a bottle. 

To simply call her a talented woman, would be to miss the move of God through her life.  Certainly, as a graduate of Xavier University, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing, she has proven herself to be a woman of great intellect and ability.  Her subsequent success in corporate America, whether on the management team at Pillsbury, account manager at Bell South, or as the owner of Latimore by Design , which provided custom window treatments and fabrications to the Raliegh-Durham area, give public affirmation of God’s favor on her life and her willingness to be used by Him.

But God was not willing to have corporate success define Minister Latimore. God had greater things in store for Tammie, and when He called, she answered.  While at Greater St. Stephan Full Gospel Baptist Church, she acknowledged the move of God on her life, and accepted the call into ministry.  This humble obedience to God would be a constant characteristic of her life and her ministry.  As a result of her willingness to be obedient, God used her mightily within the ministry, working through the Women of Excellence ministry, and many other capacities to bless God’s people.

Yet, God was still not through.  In 1994, she was called to serve in yet another capacity.  She was joined in marriage to Pastor Latimore.  Little did she know that God would use her to leave an indelible mark on him and all that God also had planned for his life.  Later, she would be called to serve alongside him, as he responded to the called to pastor Southern Union Missionary Baptist Church, in St. Louis. It was at this same church years earlier that she was called to be the first women to preach and be licensed.  God anointed her to be both trailblazer and servant. 

In 2004, Min. Latimore and her family relocated to Durham, NC, allowing her husband to attend seminary.  Pastor Latimore often says that he, “would have never went to seminary, stayed in seminary, or finished seminary without the support of my wife.”  Yet, God had more for Minister Latimore to do while in Durham.  She served faithfully as an associate minister at First Calvary Baptist Church, leader in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), a teacher in the Women’s ministry, and a sister to many women in the Durham area who found comfort and guidance in her wisdom, kindness, and love. 

Since arriving at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Min. Latimore has proven that God will “pour out His Spirit upon all flesh.”  She has been used of God to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ with power and authority, and is sought after to preach the gospel through the area.  She has also been used of God to minister to the women of Mt. Zion and Joliet through LOVE (Ladies of Virtue and Excellence).  This powerful women’s ministry at Mt. Zion has captured the spiritual imagination of women young and old, affirming for them the transformative power of love in their lives.

There is the saying that, “God will not put more on you than you could bear.”  Apparently God did not think her hands were full.  He placed in her care five young souls:  Grace Olivia, Sydney Nicole, David II, Lauren Elizabeth, and Nina Louise.  Again, she has responded faithfully to the call to be mother, friend, doctor, confidant, healer, encourager, and mother extraordinaire.

It is impossible to describe all God has done and is doing through this women of God, but one thing we know is that God is working through this woman of God to accomplish great things.

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